We hope you enjoy your Hazē Industries purchase, but we understand that sometimes things go wrong. We put our carts through multiple quality control checks throughout the production process, but sometimes something slips through. If you find an issue with your Hazē Industries’s product’s performance, please follow the steps below for us to make it right.

1. Contact Us

Within 24 hours of purchase, please reach out to Hazē Industries with date of purchase, location of purchase, and the issue that you are reporting.

We will get your contact info and Hazē Industries will reach out to the dispensary directly.

2. We’ll Coordinate with Dispensary

We will provide the dispensary with your info and coordinate a day for you to bring the defective Hazē Industries product back to them.

3. Bring Product Back to Dispensary

You bring the defective product and receipt to the dispensary on date Hazē coordinates for you. They will take the defective product back from you and give you a free replacement on us.

4. Receive a Free Replacement

Hazē Industries will issue the dispensary a credit for this defective product after you have exchanged your defective product for your new product.


The Hazē Industries team has been pioneering product and design innovation in the industry since the beginning of legalized cannabis sales in Colorado.


Reach out to our team to learn more about our Product Guarantee and how you can earn the Hazē Badge and Guarantee for your own cannabis concentrate products.


Products that are out of this world. Hazē Industries uses the latest technology and equipment to craft our products; perfectly blended for taste, smoothness and potency.

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